Putney alumni march to their own drums, and the connections between them endure despite time and distance. We help you stay connected to each other by throwing great parties for alumni both on and off campus—alumni sings, smaller gatherings in alumni homes, Harvest Festival, and of course reunion weekend—helping you find each other, and keeping the Putney Post fresh and full of life.

As you go out into the world, we hope you will share your stories with us, and speak fondly of your time on the hill. We send you our best wishes as you travel along the path to a civilization worthy of the name.

All you need to know about Putney Reunion is online.

Reunion 2022 Photos (Reunion 2023 Photos coming soon!)


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If you’d like to find a fellow Putneyite please contact Alison Frye, Alumni Relations Manager at or 802-387-6273.